Jason Jones
Real Name Jason Jones
Super Name The Comet (Current); Speedo; The Officer
Powers Temporal Awareness
Job Police Sergeant
Gender Male
Player DekuNut
Affiliations Heroes of Star City; Star City Police Department

Jason Benjamin Jones, aka The Comet, is a character from the ZD Continuity. His powers include a form of super speed he refers to as "temporal awareness". He is controlled by DekuNut.

History Edit

Early Life Edit

Jason Edward Jones was born to Benjamin and Anna Jones in 1986. He grew up in Star City, living what could be considered a "normal life".

Leaving Star City Edit

When Jason was 17, his mother died from breast cancer, causing his father to withdraw and focus on his work, seemingly forgetting about his only son. On his eighteenth birthday, Jason left Star City and began exploring the country. Despite his father's repeated attempts to reconnect, Jason wouldn't listen to him. While he was gone, he learned to control his powers, but preferred not to use them. He wanted to ignore what had happened.

Returning Home Edit

When Jason was 20, Benjamin was killed in the line of duty by a notable gang that was based in Star City. He returned home, and began wishing that he'd gone back and made up with his father before he died. Joining the Star City PD in order to take down the criminals, he learned that the police force was hopelessly corrupt, and his father was one of the last good men on the force. Unable to take them down professionally, he used his powers to become a vigilante. He referred to himself as "The Officer", and eventually gained enough information to have the state police arrest their upper ranks, crippling the gang.

An Unlikely Alliance Edit

While at first he expected to be done after avenging his father's death, the people of Star City called for their hero to return. Knowing that he wasn't making a difference as a police officer, Jason gave in, changing his name to The Comet.

Eventually, talk of an assassin referred to as "The Wolf" began circulating, and after the death of a young girl proving his existence, Jason began hunting for him. After multiple clashes with the hitman, he learned that The Wolf, also known as Lupus Mauve, had been framed in the girl's death, and that he was trying to escape his past as an assassin for his father, Mordred Pendragon. After being introduced to the world of New Camelot, Jason gained an ally in The Wolf. While this hurt his public approval, the two continued to work together, stopping crime and becoming close friends. As other vigilantes began popping up in the nearby cities, the two began policing them as well, using Lupus' New Camelot resources to learn their identities and keep tabs on them.

Heroes of Star City Edit

After Rauro the Valiant awakened, Jason and Lupus formed a team to stop whatever plan Mordred was putting into action. The three of them, along with Blink, Tsunami, and Textra, learned about Mordred's plans, and tried to put a stop to them. However, the King of Camelot was ready, and ended up sending the team back in time to the beginning of his rule, killing Tsunami in the process.

Camelot Edit

The team was picked up by Lupus' much older brother, Lupus the Red, and brought to Camelot, where they clashed with their ancestors, including his own, Sir Vitas the Swift. After reaching Camelot, he helped convince Morgan LeFay to return them to their time.

Not Their Time Edit

When the crew returned to 2016, they found themselves not in the Star City they remembered, but Star City, an alternate universe and home to another version of The Comet.

Special Abilities Edit

The Jones family has had the ability to change their perception of time for generations. Usually, the power was weak or nonexistent, but every few generations it would resurface. Jason got the power in all its force. He can use this as a sort of faux super speed, as well as to last long periods of time without needing food, water, or even air. However, this power is very taxing on his body, and he needs large amounts of calories to survive.

Relationships with Other Characters Edit

Lupus Mauve Edit

Lupus and Jason are close friends and brothers in arms, which is ironic, since Jason is the head of the task force designed to bring the Wolf in. They are close both personally and professionally, at least when it comes to superheroism, often teaming up. The two of them are together considered the leaders of the Heroes of Star City, though there are no official titles.

They got off to a rocky start at first, with Jason trying to hunt Lupus down for the murder of the young girl. However, after he was satisfied with the evidence in Lupus' favor, the two started working together. He learned Lupus identity through some detective work, and found that his identity was revealed to Lupus by Mordred.

Mordred Pendragon Edit

Though the two often clash professionally, Mordred and Jason get along quite well personally. Jason understands that Mordred is not inherently good or evil, and is instead an agent of neutrality, allowing for a respect between them that is rarely seen between heroes and villains. Though not as close to Mordred as he is to Lupus, the two are still quite friendly to one another.

Benjamin Jones Edit

Benjamin and Jason were close for most of Jason's life. However, after the death of Jason's mother, the two distanced themselves from one another. After his death, Jason felt remorse, and wished he'd been closer to his father in his final years.

Vitas the Swift Edit

Outside of just being the descendant of Vitas, Jason also has a similarly laid-back attitude. However, instead of being a force of morality, as Jason considers himself to be, Vitas does his fighting for sport. He follows Mordred not because he believes that his king is in the right, but because he gets paid to do what he loves. More like a mafia enforcer. Jason recognizes this, and considers it the biggest difference between the two.

Due to their moral differences, the two don't tend to get along, though they could work together if forced to.

Doctor Lux Edit

Lux and Jason don't get along well at all. They have a long-term rivalry that, while Jason remains respectful, has driven Lux to extreme rage. Depending on Lux's mood, this could go from verbal insults to attempted murder of the hero. After learning Comet's identity, Lux set out to ruin his life, and was only stopped by Mordred and the SCPD Bots