Jason Jones
Real Name Jason Jones
Super Name The Comet; The Officer (formerly); Speedo (formerly)
Powers Temporal Awareness
Job Police Detective
Gender Male
Player DekuNut
Affiliations Heroes of Avalon Falls; Avalon Falls Police Department

Jason Edward Jones, aka The Comet, is a police detective who can control his own perception of time, using a technique he calls "Temporal Awareness". He is controlled by DekuNut.

History Edit

Jason Jones, son of renowned defense attorney Miranda Jones and police officer Edward Jones, grew up in Avalon Falls. His life took a turn in the wrong direction, however, when he was in his late teens. After being kidnapped by a gang, and shot in the head, he was put under experimental surgery that had accidentally created a new pathway in his brain, where he could change how his body and mind comprehended time. Immediately after suffering this trauma, his mother died in a fiery car accident, putting both Jason and his father into mourning. While Jason looked for comfort from his one remaining family member, Edward instead put all of his focus into work, seemingly forgetting about his only son. Jason left home to explore the world almost immediately after he graduated high school. During the time he was gone, he would purposefully ignore attempts at contact from his father, as a way of punishing him for ignoring Jason.

When Jason was 20, he learned that his father had been shot by a local gang. He was taken into surgery, and they used the same technique they'd tried on Jason, but the highly volatile technique failed, and Edward died. Jason returned to Avalon Falls, where he became a police officer, in honor of his father. Unfortunately, he found that the AFPD was horribly corrupt, and under the thumb of some anonymous billionaire. He fashioned a costume from the remains of his father's police uniform, and became the vigilante known as "The Officer". He was trained some by Mordred Pendragon and the ONC, but, after taking down the gang that had killed his father, he left vigilantism.

Jason wanted to take it easy after that, but the people called for their hero to return, and so he relented. After being contacted by Samson Jennings, the vigilante known as The Spirit, he traveled to Samson's hometown of Santiago, Illinois, where he was trained by Jennings. The two became very close friends, and kept in contact even after Jason returned to Avalon Falls, now known as "The Comet".

Soon after he returned to Avalon, he began hunting for the assassin known as The Wolf, who was wanted for the murder of a young girl. Because of his fervor both on and off work in hunting him down, Police Chief Romeo Roberts put him in charge of the Wolf Hunt, the AFPD's anti-vigilante taskforce. He met The Wolf in battle many times, eventually learning his secret identity: Lupus Mauve, Mordred's son. He learned from Lupus that Mordred was actually the immortal son of King Arthur, owner of the AFPD, and the leader of an international society of spies and assassins. After learning that Lupus had been framed for the murder by his father, the two joined forces, though they were unable to procure enough evidence to redeem The Wolf in the eyes of the law. The two continued working together though, and became close friends.

About a year after beginning to work with Lupus, he met Lupus' grandmother, the immortal Morgan La Fay. The two hit it off quickly and entered into a relationship. Over time, Lupus and Jason formed the Heroes of Avalon Falls, and allowed some of their fellow superpowered vigilantes to join them in taking down crime in Avalon Falls.

Special Abilities Edit

Jason has the ability to change his own perception of time. He can either slow it down (super speed) or speed it up (a sort of coma or stasis) as he sees fit. However, this is very taxing on him, and, depending on how much he uses his power, he needs much more food than the average human being. He also has superhuman physical endurance.

Relationships With Other Characters Edit

Lupus Mauve (The Wolf) Edit

The two first met as enemies, soon after Lupus was framed for murder. However, after learning the truth about Lupus' heritage, the two became partners, and then close friends. The two often play off each other, and act as leaders to their small group of heroes. When Lupus had to form a team to compete in The Games, Jay was the first person he went to to join.

Mordred Pendragon Edit

Despite not seeing eye-to-eye politically, Mordred and Jason have a tenuous friendship, similar to the one that Mordred had with Jason's father Edward prior. It's a friendship of great mutual respect, and can often be seen at parties the other is hosting. However, they're also constantly keeping tabs on each other,

Edward Jones Edit

Jason's father, the two were very close for most of Jason's early life, until he left Avalon Falls following the death of his mother. It was Edward's death that made Jason become a police officer, and later, a vigilante. His first costume was actually composed partially of pieces of his father's old police uniform.

Geoffery Klingen (Doctor Lux) Edit

Jason and Geoffery have a mutual dislike for each other, though they show it in different ways. Jason shows his disrespect by constantly being a smart-ass and bad-mouthing the other, while Geoffery shows it by repeated attempts to kill Jason. He's the only person that Klingen is directly antagonistic towards.

Morgan La Fay Edit

Jason and Morgan used to be in a relationship, but they broke it off at the start of the First Camelot Civil War after Jason learned her cruelty towards his uncle, Jack Jones, Jr. Him being the first man in centuries to flat out refuse her, she has naturally become entranced by him, and, with the death of the most recent form of Merlin, she years to have him father the newest of the title. Jay, on the other hand, still feels betrayed, and outright hates her. She is constantly using her spells to control or seduce him, but she has yet to succeed in the long term.

Samson Jennings (The Spirit) Edit

Samson was one of Jason's mentors when he was becoming a vigilante. He took training in many things, including fighting. With Jason having tragically lost his father, and Samson his son, the two became very close, entering a sort of father-son relationship.

Uther Pendragon (Green Garnet) Edit

Jason was very surprised when Lupus and Vulpes confided in him the identity of the elusive Green Light that had been seen around Avalon Falls over the prior months, but he was just as willing to trust the second Pendragon brother as the first. The two now work together quite often, and he wouldn't be surprised if Vulpes came to take a leadership position if either he or Lupus left the Heroes.